Judging is always conducted by experienced public relations professionals outside of the Las Vegas market.

Entries are scored using criteria set by PRSA National for the Silver and Bronze Anvil Awards. If the two judges return more than a 15 point spread on an entry, a third judge will score and the entry’s final score will be an average of the three scores. Outlier scores may be thrown out.

Entries are organized by classification and category: Campaigns or Tactics. For consistency, judges will review all entries in each category they are judging.

Pinnacle Awards entries are judged on individual merit. It is not a competition between entries. Rather, judging is handled using a grading system where truly exceptional work is worthy of a Pinnacle, outstanding work receives an Award of Excellence, and meritorious work receives an Award of Merit. There may be multiple winners at each level or no winners at all.

The Pinnacle Awards uses the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) as a guide to the body of knowledge for the profession. Entrants are expected to be proficient with The Four Step Process (research, planning, implementation, evaluation). Judges are asked to review the APR Study Guide to refresh their knowledge of the process before judging the awards.

Best of Show
The highest average scoring entries in the Campaigns and Tactics categories will receive the additional recognition of being named Best in Show.

Individual Awards
Judges will form a decision by consensus after scoring. There can only be one honoree in each individual award category. An award does not have to be given in any category if the judges feel no suitable nominee was submitted.

Winner Notification

Shortly after judging concludes in October, the Pinnacle Awards Committee will send email notification to Pinnacle Awards entrants if their entry received an award (either a Pinnacle Award, Award of Excellence, or Award of Merit).

The notification will identify the award winning entry by its title and be sent only to the person submitting the entry.

A list of winning organizations will also be posted on this website in the Winners section following the Awards Ceremony.