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Entries are not currently being accepted. 

Get your best work ready to receive the recognition you deserve! See CategoriesPrepare Your Entry and Items You’ll Need below.

Submit your entries by choosing your categories in the form under Enter Here at the bottom of this page. 

To enter the 2020 Pinnacle Awards, the majority of the program or tools used must have been carried out between January 1, 2019, and July 31, 2020.

Plan ahead.  You should know all of the categories you will be entering before you register below. To minimize fees, establish all of your entries before the early bird deadline even if the materials aren’t complete.

Entry Fees

Payment for entry fees is not required up front. The chapter will calculate your fees and send an invoice once your entries are completed. 

In order to qualify for the member rate, a paid PRSA-Las Vegas Valley Chapter member must:

  1. submit the entry, and
  2. be part of the creative team for the entry
Early Bird Members Non-Members
First entry $50.00 $75.00
Each additional entry $35.00 $50.00
Full Fee Members Non-Members
First entry $65.00 $90.00
Each additional entry $50.00 $65.00

The Early Bird deadline was Thursday, August 15. 
The Final Entry deadline was Thursday, September 5.

Items You’ll Need

Title and Contributors

  • A Project Title to be displayed on all materials. Please avoid quotation marks and other punctuation.
  • The Category for the project.  See Categories
  • One or two lines of text to display on the Pinnacle obelisk. This is typically a person and an organization or two organizations.
  • Contributors – The name and organization of up to ten people to display on certificates.

Entry Materials

  • The Summary and Supporting Materials as outlined in Prepare Your Entry. The summary should be two pages. Supporting materials such as photographs, media links, etc. should be included in the same file. PDF or MS Word format.
  • Links to external websites or large files placed on DropBox, YouTube or similar services (optional).
  • One image (.jpg or .png) to display during the ceremony and in the printed program. Examples include a logo, unique artwork from the entry, a screen shot of a news clip or a head shot for Individual Awards.
  • Keep your documentation to maximum of 15 pages, preferably less. You should be able to highlight your program in that amount of space. The judges really won’t have time to look at more than that.