T1. News Release/Press Kit

Press releases/kits, media advisories, pitch letters, requests for coverage, etc. Include measurable objectives and results. 

T2. Media Event

News conference or other activity designed specifically to attract earned media attention for the purposes of outreach, information sharing, public calls-to-action, etc.

T3. Writing and Speeches

A feature story, speech, editorial, advertorial, op/ed, or technical piece. For published pieces, please provide an internet link or other proof of publication.

T4. Website

Use of a website, intranet site or a section of a site as part of a communications or content marketing program. Include screen grabs or copies of key pages to support your one-page summary. Additionally, include the website URL for external sites. 

T5. Interactive Digital Content (social media, blogs, etc.)

Use of Facebook, Twitter, other platforms, blogs, apps, virtual reality, etc. to share your message and engage your audience. Include the specific strategy and results in terms of your organization’s overall communications/marketing plans.

T6. Video

Informational videos of any length which focus on educating, informing or persuading the audience for the benefit of the organization or company. May include video series.

T7. Webcasts/Podcasts

Media distributed using streaming media technology to benefit targeted or inclusive audiences. May be live or recorded.

T8. Creative (graphic design, photography, animation)

Photography, logos, themes, templates, etc. that contribute to an overall effort to educate, inform or persuade an audience. Include results of the campaign.

T9. Collateral/Single Issue Publication

Annual reports, flyers, pamphlets, calendars or other publications designed to inform a target audience. 

T10. Regularly Scheduled Publication

Digital or print magazines, newsletters or similar publications published periodically to provide timely and/or in-depth information to target audiences while supporting an organization’s overall objectives.  Upload or link to samples of three consecutive issues. 

T11. Research/Data Analysis

Research that provides a meaningful contribution or input to a public relations program, or an evaluation documenting the value or benefit of a public relations program or tactic. Did data uncover hidden patterns, correlations or other insights to help make quicker and more efficient business decisions? Sample of the methodology and findings should be included.

Best of Tactics

All entries that win a Pinnacle Award in the Tools and Techniques category are automatically considered for the Best of Tools and Techniques award.

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