Pinnacle Award entries are grouped into three general types:

Each type has multiple categories to choose from. 


Click here for a description of each campaigns category.

C1. Community Relations
C2. Content Marketing
C3. Crisis Communications
C4. Events and Observances – More Than Seven Days
C5. Events and Observances – Seven or Fewer Days
C6. Financial Communications
C7. Global Communications
C8. Influencer Marketing
C9. Integrated Communications
C10. Internal Communications
C11. Issues Management
C12. Marketing
C13. Most Effective Campaign on a $5,000 To $10,000 Budget
C14. Most Effective Campaign on a Budget of $5,000 Or Less
C15. Most Effective Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign
C16. Multicultural Public Relations
C17. Public Affairs
C18. Public Service
C19. Reputation/Brand Management


Click here for a description of each tactics category.

T1. News Release/Press Kit
T2. Media Event
T3. Writing and Speeches
T4. Website – Internet
T5. Website – Intranet
T6. Website – Page or Section
T7. Blog
T8. Social Media
T9. Mobile App
T10. Other Digital Platform
T11. Video – Short Form
T12. Video – Long Form
T13. Webcasts/Podcasts
T14. Photography
T15. Graphic Design
T16. Collateral/Single-Issue Publication
T17. Annual Report
T18. Newsletter
T19. Magazine
T20. Sponsorship
T21. Word-of-Mouth
T22. Research/Data Analysis

Individual Awards

Click here for a description of each of the individual awards.

I1. Newcomer of the Year
I2. PR Practitioner of the Year
I3. Senior PR Practitioner of the Year
I4. Volunteer of the Year
I5. Roger Buehrer Lifetime Achievement Award