To enter the 2017 Pinnacle Awards, the majority of the program or tools used must have been carried out between January 1, 2016, and July 31, 2017.

Entries are accepted in any of three award categories:

Entries are organized by sub-categories under each of the three main categories.

Public Relations Programs

Click here for a description of each public relations program sub-category.

PR-1   Public Service
PR-2   Marketing Consumer Products
PR-3   Marketing Consumer Services
PR-4   Marketing Business-to-Business
PR-5   Integrated Communications
PR-6   Events and Observances (seven or fewer days)
PR-7   Events and Observances (more than seven days)
PR-8   Reputation/Brand Management
PR-9   Community Relations
PR-10   Internal Communications
PR-11   Multicultural Public Relations
PR-12   Crisis Communications
PR-13   Public Affairs
PR-14   Issues Management
PR-15   Global Communications
PR-16   Investor Relations

Tools and Techniques

Click here for a description of each tools and techniques sub-category.

TT-1   Media Relations-Consumer Products
TT-2   Media Relations-Consumer Services
TT-3   Media Relations-Business-to-Business
TT-4   Media Relations-Associations
TT-5   Media Relations-Nonprofit Organizations
TT-6   Media Relations-Government
TT-7   Feature Stories
TT-8   Editorials/Op-ed Columns
TT-9   Websites
TT-10   Webcasts
TT-11   Social Media
TT-12   Blogs
TT-13   Blogger Campaigns
TT-14   Smartphone/Tablet Applications
TT-15   Word-of-Mouth
TT-16   Creative Tactics
TT-17   Press Conferences
TT-18   Press Kits/Media Kits
TT-19   Online Videos
TT-20   Satellite Media Tours
TT-21   Public Service Announcements
TT-22   Internal/Intranet Video Programs
TT-23   External Video Programs
TT-24   Newsletters
TT-25   Brochures
TT-26   Magazines
TT-27   Publications
TT-28   Annual Reports
TT-29   Direct Mail/Direct Response
TT-30   Speeches
TT-31   Advertorials
TT-32   Research/Evaluation

Individual Awards

Click here for a description of each of the individual awards.

Newcomer of the Year
PR Practitioner of the Year
Senior PR Practitioner of the Year
Roger Buehrer Lifetime Achievement Award